two weekend projects:

table / bench

Built a new coffee table / bench / table / I guess it could be anything!  We used oak and our kreg jig and it was a pretty easy project.  Inspired from a Muji bench we saw.


A little less of a "project", but we hug a peg rack in our bedroom, it's a very small room, barely enough room for a bed, and due to the small size seems to get messy easily because we can never put any other furniture in it.  Thus, this seemed like a good solution for containing the clutter.

p.s. I found a white duck umbrella! I never thought it would happen!


Carolynn Markey said...

What are those little fuzzy things hanging on the first peg? Love the bench for your sitting room. :) great DIY!

julia said...

Those are actually little ceramic bells by Bailey Doesn't Bark! Definitely look at her website she makes amazing things!! :)

So glad you like the bench :)

erica said...

I'm feeling hugely inspired by your bench project, Julia. Just a kreg jig, you say? I always assume we don't have enough equipment to make our own simple furniture, but it drives me nuts to assemble yet another Ikea piece.

The duck umbrella looks great in white!