i look for music when i feel upset, confused, or sad.  this is the most fitting thing i can think of for today.  it's one of my favorites, but i forget about it and then i remember it and it feels so relevant.   i want to retreat back into the comfort that is a blog, instagram feels very overwhelming to me right now and i feel i can never articulate myself well there.

like so many other people today i feel sad and in disbelief, everything has felt like a whirlwind the past 48 hours. between organizing everything for our move to Philly on Sunday, packing our home and the studio, negotiating various leases, getting out the last orders, then seeing trump win, it's hard to process it all.  the world has been a scary place this year, so many horrible things have happened and now it's hard to not be anxious for what the future might hold.  it's important to remember to breathe.  remember you have a voice.  we are moving because we can not afford to stay in this city and we are doing something about it, and that decision feels powerful.  a decision to vote feels powerful (even if the outcome isn't what i expected or wanted), the main thing is to get up and make a change, only good things can come from that.  as much as i'm devastated at this country right now i'm going to try really hard to stay positive.


Alison said...

I haven't thought about this album in a long time. I had forgotten about it, to be honest. But it is fitting. I would even say perfect. Thank you.

julia said...

So glad to hear that Alison. I find it incredibly comforting when ever there's something hard going on, specifically all the sudden in the afternoon "darker with the day" came on in my head - and I was like - that's just right. <3