I LOVE when I forget about something I love for a long time and then rediscover it - it's awesome!  I first (maybe? or earlier?) found out about Gogol Bordello after watching Everything is Illuminated.

Other things I've been enjoying recently:

- The new Dirk Gently Holistic Detective Agency on BBC America
- Westworld
- Eating lots of good new food in Philly
- Being near some of our best friends here!


Gabi Hutchison said...

I've been wondering if Dirk Gently was any good. Glad to know it's got your seal of approval :)

julia said...

Yes! We've really been enjoying it. The first episode or two took a little to get used to because it's a bit confusing and very fast paced, but after that I started to really like Dirk a lot and how he goes back and forth with Elijah Wood. They are funny together. Definitely recommend! It's not the same as the book though, I think they made up the plot line based of the book.