Around the Shop | 4.8.21


Two of our favorite things, stripes, and blue! A whole front display around our favorite things and some of our favorite pieces of the season so far. We love the classic look of a blue and white stripe with the slightly oversize modern shape, vintage and modern, all wrapped up in one!


Podcast Episode! | 4.7.21

Have we mentioned our podcast on here? I genuinely do not know and am feeling too lazy to look! We have a podcast! Our most recent episode (and the first episode of the year) is an interview with our favorite sunglass designer, Eva Masaki. We have been carrying her sunglasses since she started her own line, and we love to see how they have grown and evolved! Please take a listen and let us know what you think and if you have any future episode suggestions. 

Ps. The podcast is called Tomorrow Will Be Great


Photoshoot | 3.29.21 | Pt. 3


Last of my posts about this shoot, at least for now :-) 
There are so many more amazing pieces and amazing photos; please take a look and let us know what your favorite pieces are. 


Photoshoot | 3.29.21 | Pt. 2


More goodness!


Photoshoot | 3.29.21 | Pt. 1

There are so many beautiful photos from this shoot, this will be a multi-parter. Please let us know what you think, what your favorite looks are. We are having a lot of fun with styling these days, can you tell :-)