& three new things in the shop....

washed out dress - rennes  washed out dress - rennes metrode & rennes medium pouch dots 002 metrode & rennes medium pouch dots 002

metrode & rennes medium pouch dots 002 leather pocket dress - rennes leather pocket dress - rennes leather pocket dress - rennes

+ Washed Out Dress (Sz : S, M)
+ metrode & rennes medium dots pouch 002
+ Leather Pocket Dress (Sz. XS, M)

& new Sylvain Le Hen barrettes coming as soon as it's sunny enough for pictures!

holiday shipping info / studio visits

Holiday shipping info:

Please keep in mind many items on our site are made to order.  I'm happy to say that this year we have many things that are in stock and can ship right away unlike previous years.

Below please find a list of all things that are currently in stock and ready to ship out.  I know the ship dates on many items are all different, so to simplify I made this list of in stock items:

- Milo Wallet in Black
- Milo Wallet in Cream
- Milo Wallet in Teal
- Milo Wallet in Redwood
- Milo Wallet in Tobacco

- Large Pouch in Navy
- Large Pouch in Teal
- Large Pouch in Redwood
- Large Pouch in Black
- Large Pouch in Cream

- Medium Pouch in Black
- Medium Pouch in Cream
- Medium Pouch in Redwood
- Medium Pouch in Teal

- Small Pouch in Redwood
- Small Pouch in Teal
- Small Pouch in Black
- Small Pouch in Cream

- Mini Duffle in Red
- Mini Duffle in Black
- Mini Duffle in Tobacco
- Mini Duffle in Teal (not on website yet, email to purchase)

- Sophie Tote in Tobacco (not on website yet, email to purchase)

-all Lauren Manoogian, Sylvain Le Hen, Pip-Squeak Chapeau, Martiniano, and Base Range

Please keep in mind that almost all clothing pieces (save for the dresses listed above) are made to order and orders are sewn in the order they are received.  This can take between 1-5 weeks.

If you live the in the Boston area and would like to stop by in person to see any of these things email me at - we are happy to have studio guests!

Happy December!


washed out dress

making a few limited edition dresses for the TAC sale - i had this cotton chambray that was really washed out and patchy looking so I made some patch pocked dresses.  


Holiday Sale at Textile Arts Center NYC this weekend

Come by if you live in the neighborhood or if you find yourself coming into the city for some holiday shopping!  So excited to be part of this group.  See you there!!

Holy crap it's December!  Where has all the time gone!?


idea / proposition : if you bought a duffle in the past 5 years that i sewed - read below

Have you bought a duffle in the past 4 years prior to May 2014?   Would you like to have one of the new, better-er duffles?  Then read below:

I am happy to let you upgrade to the new bag at *very* close to the factory cost plus S&H.  I will make little to no profit on this transaction, I am doing this because I care about my customers who have been around for a while and want them to have a better bag then I was able to make at the time. This amount will be considerably less than you paid for your duffle that I sewed way back when.   (And to clarify, it's not a trade in, you'll keep the original bag too).

email me at and let's talk! :)  I'll probably be able to look your order up and confirm in my records, but just in case, if you could have your order info ready that would would be great.   I'll run this "idea" from now through the end of December.  


black friday sale

I can't take credit for the coupon name, that was entirely all Jesse.  The code applies to everything in the shop, not just rennes items.  Happy Thanksgiving!