as of this past sunday, we are now open in beacon hill! please join us this saturday for snacks and shopping!  hours listed below.  hope to see you there!

mon: 12-5
tues: 11-5
weds: 11-5
thurs: 11-5
fri: 11-5
sat: 11-5
sun: 12-5

I am on a MAJOR James Bond kick right now. Starting with the old ones and trying to watch them all. I am always surprised how the Sean Connery ones are SO like Austin Powers, it's kind of ridiculous.


I have a sudden unexplainable desire to live in a overly embelished rococo white washed home. Jesse says that's silly and what's wrong with me ;)


packing up the studio today for our move on saturday!  help us lighten our load as we go, 15% off all items in the shop with code "movingday" - today only, then these boxes are getting taped up and on their way :)


esby / new arrivals

New arrivals in the shop from Esby.  Short cropped jackets, long dusters, and a perfect fit long silk dress.  This jacket is amazing  - hard to choose between black and indigo!  Seriously, it's just right amount of baggy with a tailored fit :)