rennes for schoolhouse electric & supply company

I'm very excited to share with you a project I've been working on with Schoolhouse Electric for the past 5 months - exclusive pouches and color combos available in their online shop and in their stores in Portland, OR and NYC! Available now! Thanks so much Jill, it was great to work on this with you! Be sure to check out their own line of furniture which is made entirely in their own factory in Portland. They are a very inspiring company and am so happy to have had this opportunity.




Hopefully this guy will soon be ours.....maybe even by this weekend!!! :) :) I'm so excited!!

I know we are probably crazy for only buying a car that is only two years older than our current Honda, but what can you do when they went and changed the body style in 2007?!

And my dream has always been to be just like 2D from the Gorillaz.  But without the camo.

And for reference, here is Damon and Jamie in the "real" Geep.

I suppose I could have worse aspirations in life?


Anyone who will sing a song about Pompeii in the middle of the British Museum get's a big thumbs up in my book, that's probably the coolest thing ever. There seriously aren't enough history nerds out there.


designers and agents sept 13th-15th

designers & agents sept 13th-15th I'll be at D & A this weekend thru Monday showing all things bags, wallets, and pouches! If you are interested in coming by please email me at or feel free to come by when you can! See you soon!! A BIG thank you to my factory for putting a ton of effort in at the last minute to get these samples done. I can't thank you enough!! :)


I'm so exhausted right now that the best I can offer you is this wonderful diptych featuring Yoda and David Tenant.

These past 3 weeks have been the most exhilarating, difficult, and at the same time most wonderful experiences that I have had. I am in the midst of getting ready for my first trade show starting on Friday (Designers and Agents to be exact, but more on that shortly) and at the same time trying to sending off a big wholesale order. If you have ever been done theater, I would compare it to the highs and lows you experience before opening night. Things can stink because you aren't sleeping well and you feel like it will never turn out perfect, but somehow no matter how tired you feel somehow really good things come of it - maybe ones you weren't expecting. Life has a big learning curve for sure, but I'm glad I've decided to stick with it no matter how hard it has felt at times because I know something really great could come out of it in the end. But for now I'm going to go chillax on the couch and catch up on Capaldi's new version of the Doctor because I can't think of a better way to spend the next hour before I collapse and fall asleep :)


Tom says....

Just because I couldn't find another reason to use this picture, which I find hilarious.....Happy Labor Day Weekend!!!