shop update

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled New Lauren Manoogian pieces in the shop this afternoon. Available here. The pyramid shoulders are also back in stock in tan and putty, and one new one in soft black. There is also one trapezoid dress left in overcast, size small - unfortunately I won't be able to get any more after this, so snag it while you still can :) Also, Capote coats will be in sometime later this week - email me if you'd like a heads up!


" style inspiration "

I love the styling for Peter Capaldi in the new Doctor Who series. I like what they have done with David Tenant and Matt Smith in the past, but there is something refined and sophisticated with Capaldi - it's partially the age difference and the darker character - but I find it enjoyable and "real" - as opposed to the cartoon/larger than life version that Smith / Tenant brought to the table. Don't get me wrong, I am a HUGE David Tenant fan.

Then there was this polka dot shirt from two episodes ago.  What can I say, wow, he is totally rocking that shirt!  He then goes on to save the moon with help of trusty side kick Clara - but looking pretty classy all the while.


yard sale update

im1 apieceapart1 mmm1 yard sale help finance the jeep!! :) (pictures coming soon) letting go of a lot of my favorite things. but i'm okay with that because of said new toy above! i have to grow up and learn to prioritize with an entirely non-gas efficient vehicle.

meeting dress october special!

Untitled Untitled Untitled I recently started working with a wonderful local seamstress to help me with drafting, grading, and sewing clothing. I had her update the sizing and grading a little bit, so now there is a full size range of XS-L, and the sizes are slightly more accurate in terms of fit in the bust. There are now side pockets included in all the dresses. To celebrate, I'm offering a Meeting Dress special for the next week, they are $180, previously $280! Choose between black and white. Please note we are no longer able to accommodate any alterations as we are standardizing the patterns. Feel free to email me with any questions at Happy October!


rennes for schoolhouse electric & supply company

I'm very excited to share with you a project I've been working on with Schoolhouse Electric for the past 5 months - exclusive pouches and color combos available in their online shop and in their stores in Portland, OR and NYC! Available now! Thanks so much Jill, it was great to work on this with you! Be sure to check out their own line of furniture which is made entirely in their own factory in Portland. They are a very inspiring company and am so happy to have had this opportunity.




Hopefully this guy will soon be ours.....maybe even by this weekend!!! :) :) I'm so excited!!

I know we are probably crazy for only buying a car that is only two years older than our current Honda, but what can you do when they went and changed the body style in 2007?!

And my dream has always been to be just like 2D from the Gorillaz.  But without the camo.

And for reference, here is Damon and Jamie in the "real" Geep.

I suppose I could have worse aspirations in life?