shop scenes

Lots of new things have been coming in the past month - it's hard to keep up with it all and put it all online! We received in so many new things from Ichi Antiquites / Ichi, Maison de Soil, and more right now an none of it's online yet - it's a shame!  So many lovely pieces, so little time!


A fresh new batch of MNZ thelma shoes has just landed in the shop and online!  We have them in salt and black suede which will go with go with everything.  We also have a re-stock of the red color too!  Next to sweaters, shoes are always one of my favorite things to get for fall!

We also have so many other new arrivals I haven't had a chance to get online yet.  It's been quite a busy week here at the shop unpacking, placing orders for next spring, and you know, running a shop and dealing with things like leaks! Somedays I'm finally coming to terms with that one person can only do so much in one day (insert monkey hiding his face emoji right here).


Fall is starting!  Well I guess not quite but it's in the air.  I thought summer would go on longer here in Phila but it seems that it's getting a bit cooler sooner that I expected, so I hope more fall arrivals start coming in soon.  For now we have new things in the shop from Anaak, Casey Casey, PS Shirt, Evam Eva, and Dragon.  More coming in the next few weeks from Eka, Veritecoeur, Ichi, and more!

And did I mention we are open on Sundays now from 12-6?  If you've been hoping for another weekend day and haven't been able to come by on Saturday, well here's your chance :)

A song I can't stop listening to lately.  Perhaps it's because it's so beautiful and reminds me of Leon the Professional?  Please do listen and enjoy.


This week normal hours at the shop will resume!  We also hope to be changing our hours shortly to be more convenient and also to be open on Sundays!  We'll let you know as soon as these things happen.  In the meantime please please come see all the new arrivals coming in because they are awesome!!


casey casey , anaak, etc.

We have new fall arrivals coming in and I haven't been able to get them online quick enough.  I'm hoping to find a model who can come in and help every week but until then if you are interested in any of the following please email and we are happy to help.  New things from Casey Casey, Anaak, Asciari, and Pip Squeak Chapeau.

Speaking of modeling, if there is ever anyone out there in the Philly area interested in modeling please give me a shout!  It would be for portfolio only (unpaid) but I'm happy to give you copies of all the edits!



Since Sunday is the only day the shop is closed, it's really the only day I have to explore get to know Philly better.  (At least for the time being!)  The past few months we've really enjoyed exploring the different gardens around the city.  In fact if I was just randomly dropped in any of them, my first guess as to my location would certainly not be PA!  Of course Longwood Gardens was an instant favorite, and of course you have to stop at Terrain along the way to grab a snack, but lately I've really been enjoying two others - Winterthur and Chanticleer.

Right now Chanticleer is my favorite because of it's relaxed country feeling.  They place attention on the details, refreshing water pots with fresh blossoms a few times a week, it's a small things that make all the difference.  We've become members and on Sundays we pack a picnic, grab some books, and head on over there to read the day away.   With a quick stop at Rival Brothers first for a coffee and an apricot newton, because they are freaking delicious.  I'm sure there's still lots to discover, but for the time being we've been quite content going there every weekend, even if it's on repeat.