anastasia in black

Untitled Untitled I just made a custom order for one of these dresses in black, so I added it to the shop as a color option. Available here!

I'm behind on everything. Things got unexpectedly busy and I'm really grateful for that, in fact, thank you! At the same time my inbox is dreadfully neglected. So I'm sorry if I owe you an email! Or if you're an "IRL" friend and I owe you a text/call/email/ or something. That's probably a lame cop out for being too tired and just wanting to go home and watch TV everynight. Over the spring I got used to working 11-12hr days 5-6 days a week while Jesse was working and in school, and now that the summer school session is over, I find going back to a normal 8 hour days rather challenging and not long enough to get everything done in. I find myself getting home and thinking "what am I supposed to do now?!" Sitting still is something I'm still learning how to do.


b & s - i'm waking up to us

Even though I'm no longer a teenager (not that they are just for teenagers, it's just how I measure the different phases I have gone through), I can't help but having a soft spot for Belle and Sebastian.  I dug out my old (and dusty) CDs today and put them in the car and have been enjoying driving around listening their old albums.  By far, my favorites remain Stay Loose, Lazy Line Painter Jane, Beautiful, Women's Realm, Sleep Around the Clock, and I'm Waking Up to Us.

sylvain le hen restock & new pieces

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled New Sylvain le Hen barrettes are available in the shop: the 047 style in black silver, a new larger barrette 077 in rose and gold, an 021 xs in gold, and an 021 xl in rose. Also, all other pieces that were out of stock are now back in stock. See everything here.


two weekend projects:

table / bench

Built a new coffee table / bench / table / I guess it could be anything!  We used oak and our kreg jig and it was a pretty easy project.  Inspired from a Muji bench we saw.


A little less of a "project", but we hug a peg rack in our bedroom, it's a very small room, barely enough room for a bed, and due to the small size seems to get messy easily because we can never put any other furniture in it.  Thus, this seemed like a good solution for containing the clutter.

p.s. I found a white duck umbrella! I never thought it would happen!


end of an era

If you happen to be a huge Poirot fan, you won't want to miss the five final episodes airing in the US this summer. We just watched one of them last night (you can find them online in a few place if you are eager :) ). It's good to see Hastings and Inspector Japp back in the cast after going a few seasons without them. I love the lighter feeling of the show when it first started airing way back when, but appreciate how dark the filming has gotten in the past ten years.  Murder on the Orient Express was phenomenal and I can't wait to see the last five, though it will be sad to finally see David Suchet end his career as the best Belgian detective.  Best TV show ever.  If you are Suchet fan, I recommend watching Going Postal (based on the Terry Pratchett book) because he plays a villan, which is fun to see.


anastasia // new dress // hand smocking

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
 I got a book in the spring about smocking because it's something I've been wanting to incorporate into a few pieces. I spent a bit of last week practicing, and got the hang of it (kind of) and over the weekend decided to put it on the back of a new dress design. While the smocking takes some time, so does all the gathering and the thin bias tape around the neck and sleeves, it's definitely the most labor intensive piece of clothing I've made to date & I spent a lot of time making sure every thing lines up just right! But it's very satisfying work on something over a few days than rushing to try to get something done in a half day!

 p.s. Sleeves!! Finally! :)