All spinners out there will know I'm cheating, but that's okay. After a few failed late night attempts to get the yarn ready to set, I gave up and just started knitting, I figure I can block it later....I hope. I'm much further along with the neck cowl than in the picture, and I only started a night ago. I also want to add some kind of tassels or bobbles or some extra little felted bits, I'm not sure yet. If time grew on trees I would love to have some in the shop, and since all I want to do is knit and knit right now, who knows, maybe it could happen!

Today I'm going to make a lot of pouches, I cut them out yesterday with the new rotary cutter and cutting mat I got for Christmas - (Thanks Jesse!) they have made my process a lot easier so far, and quicker! I'm finding it hard to get up to speed again between one holiday in the next, and there are so many people home now from work or school that I get distracted easily. I also seem to have the bad habit of getting stuck in the internet - there are so many interesting things out there to look at! Also I'm trying to find a good book to read, I read the first few chapters of Eating Animals in a bookstore, and I want read the rest. I LOVE the other books that Jonathan Safran Foer has written, and I really want to read this one. Do you have any good book suggestions?