I've reached a new level of feeling silly - I now am the proud owner of a little black push cart. I bought this a few weeks ago because of a larger than anticipated fabric store splurge and could not carry everything home. And, I'm glad I did, it's gotten to the point where carrying everything to the post office isn't working, and this little guy is coming in handy.

Which leads me to something else that's been on my mind - getting a car. I've never owned a car - and up until recently it hasn't felt that necessary to have one in the city (especially not when we lived right down town). But now that we're a little further out I keep thinking about this possibility, and how handy it would be for weekend trips or various errands. I don't think we'd use it more than a few times a week, but I think it could be worth it. Have you ever owned a car in the middle of the city? Was it worth it? Luckily there's free (and very safe) on street parking in front of our house so I wouldn't have to stress over where to park (unlike our previous home). I know I'd still use my push cart to get to the post office though, as it's only a few blocks away - and plus I'm kind of getting attached to it in a super dorky way.


Hello Lindello said...

hah. i love this little cart!

Mod Human said...

You are so cute :)
Well, I must tell you I used to live in the City (design district) and having a car really helped out more than I initially thought it would. Especially when orders sped out of control and with grocery shopping trips.
I say get a car...besides what better temptation than the thought of taking random weekend road trips :)

Best Wishes!
Mod Human Vintage

tastymoog said...

i got my license "late" (19), had a car for about 7 years, and just got rid of it last year. so glad i did.

people are absolutely psycho and careless on the roads + highways. as a non/infrequent driver, you have to be honest with yourself and think about if you will be able to handle driving. it could be really stressful.

luckily, i live about a mile from work, so i can easily walk, bike or take public transit. car share programs are fine, if you use them enough. my man still has his car, but we only use it maybe once a week. we usually ride our bikes to the market unless we are feeling lazy or need to get a lot of stuff. we rent a car for long trips.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! you are a victim of your success ;)
Good for you !
What about renting/sharing a car just when needed ?

Elizabeth said...

If you would only use a car a few times a week, you might want to look into Zipcar. Our family uses it, (we live in Arlington) and it's really helpful. Just a thought.
I LOVE that cart!

EvaForeva said...

How about a super cute pink scooter?
I currently have Element and am selling it and getting a Civic. I am downsizing. :)

jen said...

sweet cart!

as for the cars, I own one in the middle of Chicago (west loop to be exact) and I drive it maybe once or twice every 2 weeks, usually out to the suburbs to visit my parents. I also take it out when I'm meeting people at night, Chicago is sort of famous for nighttime attackers, so it's safer than taking the train if you're going to be out very late (especially since I hate cabs). Other than that it's great for heading out of town, I'm definitely glad it's here!

simple things said...

I have that same cart! I use it when I get groceries. It's the best.

I bought my first car this year (I am 30) and I have to tell you, the freedom you have is amazing. I live in a city that has pretty good public transport, but it sucks when you have to move lots of stuff around or go for a trip to the country.

Maybe car sharing is a good option for you? If you don't use your car often, it ends up being cheaper.

julia said...

Kate - haha, thank you! i feel like maybe i should pimp it up a little! ;p

Mod - Yes, I think that's the way we will be leaning! I like the idea very much of being able to take impromptu trips, plus it would help with groceries like crazy!

Tasty Moog- I couldn't agree with you more, there are some crazy crazy drivers out there! I'm pretty cautious when driving, but still it's important to be careful. We've considers a car share, etc, but aren't sure yet.

Eve - haha, thanks! It kind of kept building up and then I realized I coudn't carry everything anymore! We've considered zip car, but I think I realize I would feel too much pressure to get the car back at a certain time, even if I rented it for the whole day. But we still think about it :)

Elizabeth - Thanks for the suggestion! We are definitely looking into that option - and it seems good when parking can be so limited here :)

Jenya - HAHA! YES!! I think agree with you, a bright pink scooter is the best possible option :) My dad recommended a civic, so I was thinking about that or a subaru...which is what two of my old roomates have.

Jen - Thanks! It sounds like it's been good for you to have your car in the city, and for the safety too. The public transportation in boston is usually pretty safe but it doesn't run after 1am, which is too bad if you're going to a concert or something.

julia said...

Belinda - It's a great little cart, no? Mine's a bit rickity though. Good for all the local errands you might need! I feel like up until this point I was good without one, but the older I get it seems like a good idea - just need to save up a little more money! I definitely look forward to the freedom part ;p

vanessa said...

what a cute cart!!!

Funny you mention the car... My husband and I are preparing to move back to Boston (Somerville actually) after 4 years of living in New Mexico and the first thing I plan to do is get rid of my car! A lot of my friends think I am crazy, but honestly, the cost of insurance, registration, excise tax (only in mass!), gas, and maintenance are not within my budget nor where I want my money to go. If we leave the city to visit friends or family we plan to take advantage of Zipcars or, if necessary, rentals. I realize that this may not fit everyone's lifestyles and be convenient all the time, but it's worth it to be one less car on the road! Just my thoughts. Good luck with your decision!

Megan said...

chinatown cart! that's what I called mine, since I got mine in chinatown and all the old ladies in chinatown had one. never get to use it any more, back in the, it's wheels are probably filthy.

and, man oh man, here's my car input: I would never buy my own car and live in the city, at least not now...I know this is me being overly pessimistic, but after driving into Philly for the past five months to work--getting into two minor accidents, accruing over $300 in parking tickets (just two, though...didn't see that handicapped sign...AT THE DAMN DMV), and being cursed at and cut off countless times--I would never buy a car...just because I would be afraid of damaging it and paying the, I had to deal with the accidents and tickets only during the first month I drove, since I learned my lesson, and I think I'm a pretty damn good driver now, but other people are crazy/can't drive. if anything, I was told it's better to lease a car than buy one, since over the long-run you don't have to put all that money into fixing it, which is what we're dealing w/now w/the car I've had since high school...and plus you get a new car every few years...but who knows! I'm just a poor example!

Alison Baitz said...

I had a car in Brooklyn, NY. Mostly it ended up being more of a hassle than a benefit, but in the end it felt sort of comforting to have it there. This might not be the same for where you live, but, here are some of the reasons that I didn't enjoy having my car all the time:

1. Street cleaning restrictions meant I had to move my car almost every day. I lived in a pretty residential/industrial area, so it was often difficult to find a spot. I'd spend a lot of time looking for one. Sometimes when I did finally find one, I felt a little uneasy while walking back.

2. The public transit in NY is 24-hours and generally a more convenient choice than driving somewhere and hoping to find parking.

3. Drivers were total maniacs. This is an understatement! I am a fairly assertive driver, but it's just really overboard there. Also, I brought my car with the intention of using it to get out of the city once in a while. Thinking back on the times that I left, I get really flustered -- the midnight stopped traffic, the super confusing directions and traffic signs that make no sense and seemed only to want to take me through manhattan, and just general unease of being around so many angry, honk-happy drivers.

That all being said, moving with a car was really nice. It was nice to have my own car once I was out on my little jaunts outside of the NY metro area. One time when I needed to pick up my bike at a friend's late at night, driving was a big help.

Your experience with a car in a city could be totally different! But that's what I went through!