We've been so up and down sick-wise lately that it's been hard for me to sit and get anything productive done. And by productive I mean making things for my shop. I also have a problem where I can't really just sit and watch TV while being sick, I have to either be multi-tasking or off doing something else. So, I've been knitting a lot and also got a chance to make a second tova dress (well, first dress, but from the same pattern as the shirt.) I found the fabric at Osgoods over Thanksgiving, and I've been buying up all the stripes I can find lately for some designs I have in my head for spring. Of course I thought it couldn't hurt to spare a few yards for myself and make one of these. Also, I was really bummed that Osgoods has totally changed their layout since I was there this summer. Half of the store has been sectioned off into a warehouse/staff only area, which means you can't riffle through all the vintage rolls anymore. They still have a lot to shop from, but so much of it is drapery and upholstery, so you can't really hope to find the kind of hidden treasures there one may have become accustomed to. are some of the fabrics I got.....notice any theme going on here? I think I get in a rut and stuck on certain themes sometimes...

I also got a chance to hang out with Tiffany in Northampton over the weekend! It was so much fun walking around, drinking chai, and going yarn shopping at Webs! I think I got way to much yarn for my own good but it should last me through the winter! I've already started working on my first project - the yarn is sublime organic merino wool in grey - I love the handle of it and color, just crossing my fingers it's not going to pill like crazy.

Also bought some of alpaca linen yarn which is so soft. At first I was just going to get one skein but then Tiffany assured me it would be safest to get two, then I can make anything!! And she is totally right, you can't just buy one ball of yarn- so, mittens, here you come!