Spring is just around the corner. Left the house early this morning and walked around and met up with a friend for lunch. He recently bought a home in our old neighborhood and I'm so jealous - I would give anything to be able to live downtown again. I took a few pictures of his place while I was there but it was so cloudy that I'm afraid I didn't do it justice. He's having renovations done on the place this spring and summer so I'll have to come back then and post some "after" shots. I love old houses.

Also went to, hands down, one of the best restaurants here in Boston for lunch. I'd never heard of it before (it's called Oishii), but man, it was some of the best food I've had in a long time. It almost makes you not want to go on with your life after because you know things can't get better than what you just had.


erica said...

looks like a fantastic building. i can never get enough of period details like the ceiling medallion. and the boston public library is an amazing building. i spent a summer digging through their special collections and loved being in the old reading room.

spring, come quickly! this cold rain is getting me down in the dumps.

Chelsea said...

I hope Spring begins soon. It is snowing here in Pennsylvania!

What a beautiful home! I love historical, charming properties. Thank you for sharing this!

About 5 years ago, my parents purchased a run down, stone building from the 1820s, which my dad & oldest brother completely restored from the ground up (it had no electricity or plumbing). It was quite an ordeal, but my dad wanted to save the property before it was condemned, as it is a historical landmark. It's freakin' beautiful now!

Check it out at

I hope all is well with you! :)

EvaForeva said...

Oh yes, I love old houses too. The flooring is usually stunning in them unlike the nasty carpets in the new constructions.
It was nice to go on the virtual walk with you Julia!

By Tomorrow. said...

have you been to East By Northeast yet? One of my new favorites. If you're ever on this side of the river, I'd highly recommend it!


karinalane said...

Oishii means "delicious" in Japanese!