Just got back from a whirlwind trip to Philadelphia. The weather was pretty cloudy for the whole weekend - but much warmer than Boston so that was a nice change. We had a good time despite various travel related difficulties (returning home with a new found love for all things bureaucratically Amtrak).

Despite the shortness of our visit, we still got to do some pretty cool things - the Seaport Museum with two vessels you could explore (a ship and a sub), a nice graduation followed by a tasty post-graduation dinner, all around yummy food, and hand drawn noodles in Chinatown followed by a root beer float. Can you tell I like food yet?

The night before we left we got to see one of Jesse's best friends and his girlfriend. We always have a really great time with them - I wish they lived closer. Every time we see them I feel inspired to do different kinds of things and go on more adventures (for instance, growing up they used to go spelunking). This summer I intend to put my adventurer cap on and do things that put myself outside of my normal "safe" zone. It will be a good thing for me.