The mail has been pretty good to me lately. I've finally bit the bullet and bought a new camera - after some research it seemed like the Canon Rebel T1i would be the best fit, and I love it! Still getting used to quite a few features, and I really barely know how to operate it yet. Hopefully the trip we are going on this weekend will give me a better chance to figure it all out!

And, now for what's in the picture. The didion's arrived yesterday and the color is right on - I do love them quite a bit. The only thing is my feet are much too narrow for the likes of this shoe - after taking three steps my foot was completely out the front of the sandal. I was totally bummed about this and asked the shop I ordered them from if they'd had other customers with that problem - and they said they had and recommended these things called foot petals which I had never heard of. I picked up something similar to them at CVS and after some trial and error somehow now they fit me- almost. (I bought the size 7 and I seem to suffer from having one size 7 foot and one size 7.5 foot and thus the the 7.5 foot hangs over the front edge just a bit, but I'm getting over that). So, in short, unless you want to insole things up left and right, these aren't the best shoes for narrow feet. But, they are incredibly comfortable and very very well made. I hate to be one of those ladies who says "I love them, BUT...." but in this situation I can't help it. Us women are just never satisfied with what we buy, even if we love it.

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