+Things around the house lately - learning to use the new camera and not over expose everything - somewhat challenging!

+I've been taking a few new wholesale orders which has been taking up most of my sewing time! Pretty exciting! Once these ones are wrapped up, I'm back to working on the summer collection, which I'm hoping to have available by mid-end of June!

+Last of the cobalt lambskin for now - only a 2 hides left and then I'm out! What a bummer.

+Forgot to mention that during our Philly trip I briefly stopped by Art Star Craft Bazaar where I got to meet Katie! We got to shop talk it up which was super fun. I picked up one of her little green bags, which is a perfect size for my small camera - I love it!

+Ahh! I'm so bad, but I swear this will be one of the last things I buy this spring. I'm pretty certain I'm going to keep them, but I feel I should be more frugal than I have been lately - so for now I'm telling myself, "It's okay, I can return them..." haha!