You know when you're making something and about 90% of the time it doesn't come out like you thought it would? And then there's that amazing 10% of the time when it does? After about six hours yesterday I finally got a backpack that I like. It's about time! I wanted to save it as a surprise for the upcoming photo shoot, but I'm wicked bad at surprises. So, surprise!

It's also come to my attention that I haven't really had any bags for sale since January. What? Am I crazy? It's funny that much time went by and I didn't realize it. More bags and more frequent bag updates coming soon. I've been trying to save what I have for the summer photoshoot (not this weekend, but the following), and hopefully after that there will be a steady flow of market totes and such available for purchase. I'm also excited to say my website will be getting a much needed make over, and hopefully a new shop too! Stay tuned for updates!