Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend. We went for a hike yesterday, ate far too many french fries, and bought a mini grill! Though we have yet to grill anything on it yet - but soon! We skipped out this year on fireworks on the esplanade, and instead enjoyed a cozy, air conditioned night in with crepe making. The last time I tried to make crepes I failed miserably, but this time they actually turned out okay. I'm not that good at cooking, but I try, and maybe someday I'll be mediocre at it.


angela said...

Your 4th of July, sounds similar to mine! We also went on a hike and ate at our favourite diner that serves up the best french fries! Although we didn't skip out on the fireworks :)

Ruth said...

that sounds awesome and delish! I love crepes, but never thought of making them, how fun.

simple things said...

What vegetarian treats are you going to cook on that grill? I need ideas! I'm tired of the same old tofu and vegetable skewers and tofu steaks!