Two weekends ago I found the most amazing check linen. It's a really thick linen (almost like a grain sack) and I'm having a lot of fun working with it - I didn't plan on hand sewing it, but after I cut out my project I had a thread crisis - no natural colored thread left - how dreadful! - so blind stitching the hems it was. So far I've made two pillows with it, and I think there's just enough left to make a skirt.

As a side note, tomorrow is the last day to place any orders in shop. After tomorrow items will not be shipped until August 30th. The shop will remain open during this time, but orders will not be processed or shipped until the 30th. (Also, if you order a made to order item, the turn over time starts from August 30th on & will not ship until 1-2 weeks from when I get back). During this time I will have limited access to email so there may be a delay in my getting back to you. I'm very much looking forward to this vacation, I'll see you guys at the end of August! In the meantime I'll be working hard on brushing up on my French....