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Over the weekend I found a book on Provencal Quilts and would love to try the technique called Boutis. Boutis consists of two layers of fabric which have been sewn together with a small running stitch and then stuffed with cotton yarn in different patterned areas. The antique quilts made with this technique are stunning - I can only begin to imagine all the time that went in to making them.


EvaForeva said...

You are so brave to even think of attempting this. I would love to see the result! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

really lovely. nothing beats a beautiful quilt

Anna said...

I would love to try boutis, too; that's one of many things being placed on hold at this point in my life! I gave a book about proven├žal quilts to my very artistic aunt, and wanted to keep it for myself!
You'll have to keep us up to date with your endeavors, if you do try it.

Belinda [simple things] said...

I would love to see your process and how the quilts come out if you end up giving them a go. They are so beautiful but look so difficult to make. All that detail!