A walk in the woods this weekend in CT. Seems like they've already lost most of their leaves, ours have barely started to fall off the trees in Boston.

This week is going to be productive, I can feel it in my bones!


EvaForeva said...

we went to a very similar park around where we live. I LOVE ferns, don't you?

sarah said...

man. that red leaf is so gorgeous. love fall!

anna of (green gable) said...

I used to live in CT but now live in AZ. Missing the fall a lot. Thanks for the post!

Anna of (green gable)

Yoshie Hozumi said...

yayy nature walks! I just went on a hiking camping trip and posted photos similar to yours on my blog! :) It was right after a week of rain, and smelt amazing. Sigh!

Megan Taylor said...

These are dream images! LOVEE!!!