Hope you all had a super Thanksgiving, or, for the rest of the world, a wonderful weekend. Sorry I haven't had as much time to post lately - even more lacking is my lack of response to your comments. Please know I appreciate every single note you leave, and I hope to respond to them soon. That's also true with emails as well, I just seem to be behind on everything lately. As I tell my friends, I'm just bad at the internet.

We went to my parents house for the holiday, which was really nice. I forget sometimes how nice it is to have your parents cook for you - something I miss quite a bit. I think I ate about as much stuffing and cranberry sauce as humanly possible. But that's a good thing, no?

I got to go to Webs to stock up on yarn again, lord knows you can never have too much yarn. This time I bought a lot of yarn with intentions of trying to make a few sweaters for the shop. I have no idea if this new idea of mine will happen or not, but it's always fun trying new things. Right now I'm obsessed with split hemlines that extend further in the back, so I hope to make a few like that.

I've also been sewing up a storm getting ready for an event in New York that will be taking place second weekend in December - more on that soon, and perhaps some sneak peaks of what I'll have there. My goal is to have a wide variety of items, and many under $50 which would be good gifts. I'll let you know more soon!