I know, lame. Posting the same pictures from a few months ago. For some reason I keep coming back to them.

I can't believe New Years and Christmas are around the corner. Times flies, I'm not really sure where December went. Lately I've been thinking about stuff and our accumulation of stuff, which is why we're not really doing gifts this year. We're doing small little stocking stuffers for fun, and we'll do some cookie giving and eating for certain. I've been practicing 'not wanting', which has been hard for me. I suppose I'm trying to be more like an adult and save for bigger and better things (more on that in a moment) but more over realize my constant purchasing of materials for making objects makes me want less. Does that make any sense?

On top of that I got hit hard with a case of "I went and looked at a little cottage around the corner from our house this weekend and now all I can do is think about making it ours." Suddenly everything else that I thought I needed in my life has been pushed from my mind. (Like a new printer, bed, table, and coat). We had initially thought the price difference would be justified by the larger amount of space for me to work in, alas it's a bit tinier than hoped, but probably the cutest house I've ever seen in Boston. For now the house is just for rent, but I sensed the owner could be interested in selling it in the future, so of course I have my hopes up. I'm really crossing my fingers on this one. Over the past few months I think I've realized a cozy home is one of the most important things to me.