A little bit of snow this week.

I promise not to get in the habit of using these photos all the time. It was nice the other morning to wake up to a little bit of snow on our street - unfortunately it melted right away. This winter is so different from last; in my mind I had prepared for another winter of heavy snowfall and was kind of looking forward to it! In some ways.


cats dreaming in keylime said...

I like these types of photos ... not over-thought, just so in the moment.

erica said...

no snow here in toronto either. the weather is so strange. it goes through cycles of 30-40s and then a frigid day in the teens or below and then back up again.

Arlie said...

Isn't it bizarre? I've been looking forward to snow too. The past two years were so fun as we rarely get heavy falls down here. Oh well.