Finally at least a few inches on the ground!

Last two.

A Christmas present.

Sunny morning.

I'm so happy to wake up this morning to a little bit of snow on the ground. We had an inch about a week ago, but it lasted all of two hours and then was gone. This morning we have 2-3 inches, hopefully it will at least last the day. I know I know, I should be happy to have a mild winter, but I do love a good snow storm. Also, above : the last two dresses being shipped off today, a Christmas present (I've wanted a small bottle of Philosykos forever), and a re-organized bedroom that could be an ikea ad.


Do you guys have trouble getting ideas? Do you ever feel a bit stuck? I have such an awful time with ideas. At first I kept pushing myself to have new things for the winter. I thought I had ideas, but now time has come and gone, and I must move onto thinking about spring. The truth is a I'm a bit baffled about bags. As I've developed as a designer (if I may be so bold to use that term) naturally I've been working on new skills, getting better at sewing, etc. And it's nice to hold up something you made three years ago and cringe at how badly it's made. I like being able to be critical.

I enjoy making certain bags so much, but in reality I know they aren't the pieces that sell well. So it's become a bit unclear to me where to focus my energy. I might end up working on more clothing for spring than bags, but I'm not sure yet. So I'll just throw this out there, what would you like to see more of?