I've had a few really sweet customers lately who have been kind enough to share with me some pictures (and videos) of them in their Rennes dresses! The video above is from lovely Jennifer who works at Pixar and has the coolest job ever! Plus she has some rad drawing skills! She sent me the above video of her and two other artists working on a new Project called Round Robin, a game used to come up with new illustrative ideas. Round Robin is having an opening this Saturday at Rare Device in San Francisco. Jennifer told me she unintentionally kept wearing her two dresses while this piece was being filmed, which I think is pretty awesome! Thank you Jennifer!

The above picture is from Whitney. Whitney owns the boutique Myrtle that opened a little while ago in California, and I'm dying to go there!! Myrtle carries some really awesome lines, so if you live nearby you should check it out. Whitney took these lovely shots a little while ago in New Orleans and sent them to me. Thank you Whitney!

It's always so nice to see customers wearing the things I made, it makes me so happy!!