I can't believe it but I started thinking about fall today. I don't want summer to end, but fall is always a season I look forward to. I love the higher cut of the Repetto Manon ( Bonus : If you can guess the lame reason I like the name Manon I'll send you a free pouch! I'm serious. Only applies to the first person who get's it.) Anyways, I'm a big fan of all things Repetto. I swear by my black BB flats, but lately I find myself a bit more drawn to this style.

Update: Thank you everyone for your comments, they were fun to read! I just wanted to add that when I wrote this I was in a silly mood, so it's a stupid reason and I didn't really expect anyone to guess because it's pretty lame. Anyways, I did know about the movie (which I actually haven't seen, but have seen it in the library and read the back cover - and Abby, so cool it was filmed near r.l.c!!) and I didn't know about the opera and had to look that up. It's so fun all the things you find out about with just a name!

But thank you Tessa for the being the first to guess! Please email me so I can send you a pouch as I don't have your email address.

Manon is the name of a Pulp song - yes, lame, I told you. To be unfortunately honest, probably my least favorite. But, why I find it funny is because Jarvis says it was a knock off of a Serge Gainsborg song, also with the same name. I've always thought knocks offs are endearing when they are done because you love something so much.