I feel like my routine on the computer has changed considerably since moving. I still do almost all computer work from home, and almost all my time at work is spent cutting and sewing. This is good because it allows for less distractions, but has made me feel a bit behind. The studio has definitely been a constant work in progress for me. Shuffling things around, making a new table, buying too many plants - the list goes on. It wasn't until this evening that I started to hang some things up on the wall (three and half month later), and it began to feel a bit more cozy. I've re-opened my shop, so if you were waiting to purchase something feel free to do so now.

I might slow down on wholesale orders over the next month so I can have time to work on new ideas. It's hard sometimes to do everything at once! But I'm excited about new supplies arriving in the next month, I can't wait to work with them.



This past weekend was fun! We took a long weekend and had a few North Shore excursions. Already dreaming of the next beach day - maybe Saturday or Sunday? We don't have any travel plans for the rest of the summer, though are hoping to go camping with some friends in August - I'm very excited about that.


Belinda said...

I look forward to seeing your new ideas. :)

Oh, and I don't think that there is such a thing as too many plants.

k. wang said...

the studio looks great! it's rough with a new space/moving around a bit, and it always takes me a long time to solidify the little details that make a place feel comfortable or at home.

erica said...

did you go to plum island? we love exploring whenever we're out there. i never really got excited about the cape, but i love the north shore.