+ crossover coat
+ seam sweater
+ hat
+ anne et valentin glasses
+ tan flats no longer available, and they never had a 7.5 either, darn it!

Is it half way through September? Wow, time flies. Time to start getting out wool blankets and the tea kettle and cozying up on the couch for the weekend - or maybe not quite yet, there's still some warm weather ahead. This fall I hope to do more outdoor activities, so my mind hasn't been going towards new clothes as it usually does. Still, definitely been pondering a new coat and glasses, and perhaps a hat, lord knows I don't need another pair of shoes.


erica said...

i'm so happy to have finally bought a new pair of glasses since i've been wearing the same pair for 6 years.

i like the softness of the hat. i have a shrunken fedora, but it's more structured. i was also considering a wider brim floppy hat.

coats, well, you know i'm always on the lookout for a new coat! this may be the year i finally buy a toggle coat. there's a fwk one that i've had my eye on for a long long time.

joyce said...

I love the green of that coat, especially paired with the tan of the shoes!

julia said...

erica - oh cool i can't wait to see your new ones. i think i might get new ones this winter too, my clear ones got all scratched recently and i've pretty much made the switch over to contacts. i really love that acne coat you found, that's a definite possibility for coats!

joyce - i love the green too! i used to have a green coat 10 years ago but the color wasn't as nice as this one.

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