Just a little bit obsessed with all the A D├ętacher sweaters this fall! I'm usually not a purple person - but the long sweater is kind of fun over that jumper and with the heels! Speaking of those shoes, has anyone tried them on or seen them in person? I've never owned a pair of heels in my life, but I think those look pretty perfect and perhaps easy to walk in too?


leanne said...

Hi Julia, right with you on the a detacher sweaters! Well, actually the whole line. I own those shoes in white and they're very comfortable and easy to walk in (although I haven't had them for that long). My previous shoes from a detacher have been a 9, but my feet seem to be smaller these days so I ended up with an 8 in the eleanor (I think I'm a true half size). There is a lot more give to the shoes because they're suede and not the harder leather that the morris clogs are, so I felt more comfortable sizing down.

Let me know if what you think of them! I'd love the black, or even the blue that Creatures of Comfort carries!

Have you seen the sweaters in person? Like you, I'm no a purple person either, but I can shake the thought of the chunky knit.

julia said...

Thanks Leanne! That was super helpful. I'm also a half-size (7.5) in shoes and I really wish they made half sizes! I've only ever tried a pair of sandals of theirs on before, the 7 seemed too small and the 8 too big. I have a feeling with these that the 8 would probably be good though? Or do you think downsizing to the 7 is a better bet? These days I think I'm definitely closer to an 8 than 7, It drives me crazy that my feet keep growing!

I haven't seen the sweaters in person, they look so cozy though. I wish Boston carried more fun clothes in stores! I always have to wait to travel to see anything exciting in person.

L.P. said...

The entire fall collection from a detacher is beautiful! I also love those shoes. I get to buy one good pair this year, and I'm looking at the Eleanors or maybe a pair from No.6.

Mona Kowalska seems like a really interesting person, too.