Have a nice weekend!   I'll leave you with two of my favorite new tunes. I'm sure a lot of people by now have heard the Fox song - we hadn't until our friend asked us a few weeks ago "what does the fox say?" and we were like "huh?" I really wish I understood Norwegian because I Kvled Med Ylvis looks like a really funny show. Look it up and watch an episode - or some of their "music videos" like these.  The second one is my absolute favorite. *  Sorry in advance if you think I have a lame sense of humor, you've been warned.

* For reference, in 6th grade I wrote my science report on Stonehenge, sent it to English Heritage & told them we were visiting England in the summer and please could we get off the path and walk around the stones?  I got a letter back!  For 50 pounds we had the place to ourselves for an hour & I was a happy twelve year old.  So clearly I relate to this song.  And my aunt made me a Stonehenge birthday cake, really.