pot bowls aloe wallet bench
For the longest time I hadn't the slightest idea what "vsco" meant - so I finally looked it up and now much prefer it to instagram - at least in terms of the picture quality and being able to take pictures outside of a square. I'm usually the last person to learn these kinds of things so I'm sorry if this is old news to everyone else. Anyways, if you'd like, you can follow my photostream here!

The top two pictures are some pieces I picked up from being fired today. Pretty excited about the striped pot, but not too excited about the crack in the inside of the lid. Luckily it's hidden when closed and is just a visual issue & the pot still works fine for holding things. This week or next I'll try to put a few new ceramics in the shop.   If for some reason you're interested in the stripe pot even though it has a defect, email me at

Thank you for all your black friday orders! You're awesome! I just packaged up half of them which will ship today, and the rest will ship tomorrow or Wednesday. I still have a few more left of the pouches so I'm going to leave that section of the shop open for a few more days.

And for those that are curious :
3// My Mom's HUGE Aloe plant
4// Sample Milo wallet in taupe
5// New to me bench from Caitlin -  finally found the perfect spot!

Happy Monday!