Lately, around the studio:

-I hate purple.  I really hate purple.  But over December I tried using this "waxy violet" glaze and I love it!  Not quite purple, not quite blue.  Kind of something in between.

-Happy to be using the blue striped linen again!

- Vegetable Tanned leather, brand new on top, 1 year old on the bottom.  It's really cool to me how much it changes with just the sun light.

-Hair on hide pouches!  Coming later this week.  Color suggestions?  Let me know!


Anyone watch all of Sherlock season 3 yet??!?!  Dying to talk about but will hold off because I know it hasn't technically aired here yet. (Love you proxy servers and sketch websites). But daaang, the final episode was amazing!!!  Wasn't as crazy about the first two, but the last one, yes!!


Michaela Marie Cisney said...

love the simplicity of your photos. and your pothos is gorgeous!
m. @ handfulsblog

erica said...

Ooh that's really neat to see how the leather color changes over time.

And no, I haven't seen the latest Sherlock, I need time to track it down. Maybe this weekend? Very excited about it, I heard the same about the first two episodes compared with the third.

julia said...

Michaela- Thanks so much :)

Erica - Yes, track them down this weekend, I like this website called free tv online, they should have all the episodes up by now. Plus lots of other shows too, worth checking out for sure. The third episode is really great, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!

Susan Magnolia said...

I totally understand what you mean about purple. Its not by thing either but the mug is gorgeous!

Are you referring to BBC Sherlock? I was fortunate enough to just watch all three seasons at once. I am obsessed. I cannot imagine waiting so long for more to be made/released.
Have you gotten into Elementary? Its wonderful and a always so fun to watch a different take on Sherlock. ^_^

julia said...

Susan, no I haven't heard of Elementary, I'm definitely going to check it out though! Feel like I've been running out of things to watch lately so I'd love to seen another interpretation of it!

Caylie Holtz said...

Ha! I HATE PURPLE too! And it's friend bright yellow.