Lately, around the studio:

-I hate purple.  I really hate purple.  But over December I tried using this "waxy violet" glaze and I love it!  Not quite purple, not quite blue.  Kind of something in between.

-Happy to be using the blue striped linen again!

- Vegetable Tanned leather, brand new on top, 1 year old on the bottom.  It's really cool to me how much it changes with just the sun light.

-Hair on hide pouches!  Coming later this week.  Color suggestions?  Let me know!


Anyone watch all of Sherlock season 3 yet??!?!  Dying to talk about but will hold off because I know it hasn't technically aired here yet. (Love you proxy servers and sketch websites). But daaang, the final episode was amazing!!!  Wasn't as crazy about the first two, but the last one, yes!!