Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled A smaller and flat version of the Sophie tote - [the Flat tote] - in that awesome grey leather I was talking about a few months ago. Also available with a zipper inside! Please note the price is a little bit higher for this tote than a bag I would usually make in this size because 1. this leather is *really* expensive, and 2. the Riri zippers are also expensive. But quite worth it I think :)


Anonymous said...

looks just like mine! :)

erica said...

that's a beautiful gray.

where's the shirt from? i like the gingham lining.

i've never seen a riri zipper in action, but i trust your judgment!

JessMarie said...

Can this be any more perfect? Great work ;)

julia said...

Caitlin - yes!! :)

Erica - Thank you! the shirt is from muji, I think they just got all their spring stuff in. it was $30 and the material is so good. I wish there was a muji in boston, or not, then I would be going in every week!

Jess- Thanks so much!