looking forward to doing a photo shoot this weekend with lots of new stuff! i just got 30 bags in the mail, it's such a foreign idea to think about just taking something off the shelf and mailing it right away!  exciting!

i've been entirely pre-occupied with getting a business loan - i finally submitted my application a week and a half ago, i'm just waiting to hear back.  (a weekend has been a foreign concept the past few months- fun, what's that?!).  i'm nervous, what if it doesn't go through?  what if it's not good enough?  there are so many design start ups now it's hard to think about standing apart anymore.  i greatly admire people who start from scratch and have that courage without their own financial backing.   i read an interview recently about a store that i like: they worked hard, put a business plan together, and then went through the SBA to get a loan and they are now quite successful in business.  those are the kinds of stories i wish i heard more about.