rhubarb tart

This weekend:

 - Baked said rhubarb tart and it is delicious!

- Jesse baked two more loaves of bread in between a variety of other things.

- Helped out with a friend's ballet schools' dance performance and it was wonderful!

- Looked at a few apartments (moving may be on our horizon...wahh wahhh.... getting priced out of our neighborhood and gentrification stinks). Boston housing is INSANE right now, everywhere is so expensive and I think it's only going to get worse. No, I'm not stressed about this...promise.

- Almost finished So Long and Thanks For All the Fish Audio Book. I've listened to this so many times and it's still just as funny.

- We are considering....canceling our internet at home!  Does anyone else not have internet at home?  I think it would be amazing.


Karina Lane said...

I am rereading the HHG trilogy and I think SLATFATF is my favorite. I love the scene when they first fly together, I think it's one of the most romantic things in any book ever. I've never listened to the radio shows or audio books though, that is a good idea.

julia said...

It's my favorite too! There are so many good bits in it, I've always been partial to Wonko the Sane, Rob McKenna, and well everything! You can listen to DA narrating it here :

joyce said...

Wait, was the performance "Copelia"? If so my little cousin danced the title role!

julia said...

No it wasn't - my friend runs the School of Classical Ballet in Cambridge so there were lots of different performances. That's so cool that your cousin danced the main roll! I saw Copelia a few years ago and it's such a fun ballet!

Karina Lane said...

Cool! I will! Also while rereading it I realized that the gray present with the gray ribbon has been a really profound image that has stayed in my mind for the 20 years since I first read it. So funny the things that stay with you.

Rebecca said...

Rhubarb is one of my favorite things - I might have to try making that tart.

As an aside, I played Coppelia in a school performance when I was 8. True story. :P