Is it sad that this is all I want to wear this season? I seem to be going through an all black phase again - except the the heather acorn version of these pants is calling my name.  I've never gotten any of the cashmere items from j crew, I'm wondering how they hold up?  I wish they had more of them in store, most everything seems to be online only.   I figured if I could snag a few pieces with a coupon code and the cost wouldn't be quite as daunting.  

Upate : So I don't recommend getting those pants!  The first pair I sent back because after 2 wears the elastic casing seaming came undone - they sent me a replacement pair that then ripped in the pocket along the seam line after the first wear - luckily they will refund and were very nice about it, but too bad!


I just had an eye check up on Tuesday and have now been in remission from Uveitis for two years!  The blind spots I already have are permanent and don't go away but I have no new active lesions in my retinas.

I'm going to try to make a playlist once a month.  If you're interested, you can find it below.   Have I even mentioned I have a secret desire to be a DJ?  In an alternate universe I am an underwater archaeologist and DJ at night.