I used to do so much origami, so much that both of my parents' cars were stocked with origami paper in the side pockets and had a million cranes on the dashboard. I also made many larger things, like boxes and decorative balls. One of my friends is really talented at it, and was showing people how to do origami at our holiday party yesterday. These are some of her pieces, consisting of thirty pieces of paper! This has made me want to get my paper out again and make some little room decorations.

Thank you everyone for your sweet notes you left yesterday, they've really helped me get back on my feet again! Although I'm still coughing a bit. It's reassuring that some of you are also having trouble putting your work aside and taking breaks - it sounds like something we all need to learn how to do better! I for one took some of today to re-watch the newer version of hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy (although I do really enjoy the oh-so-bad-it's-good BBC version).