open studios - this weekend!

Hope to see you there!!! I've never done an open studios event while I've lived in Boston so I'm really looking forward to this! It is located less than two minutes away from the Green Street train stop on the orange line. Plus, there will be lots of other cool art to check out too! I'll be in a studio room on the third floor with my neighbor - she has some really nice paintings! You can see more information about the whole event on the open studios website, and there is a PDF of the map you can download and print here. There will be a few things I've been working on for the winter collection, plus some remaining summer stock on wicked sale. And, most importantly, I think I will bake cookies.


Chelsea said...

oh, how i wish i could make it to this! i've been following your work for quite some time...i found that you added a necklace of mine to your favorites on etsy and have been reading your blog ever since. i hope that’s not creepy! Haha! anyway, i saw your new appliqu├ęd bag on flickr today! stunning! good luck! :)

tinyboats said...

oh, that's funny - you will be on my street! there are several people in that building that i told i'd stop by, so i will definitely make it up to the third floor to check out your things in person. if you find time to wander down, you should say hello to erica on the second floor. her studio space is really nice and she makes these beautiful collages with parts that move (and sews purses too!).

sincerely -
a jp blog fan

julia said...

Chelsea - Thanks so much! I have definitely been checking out your shop for quite sometime as well! Your jewelry is so nice! (I really love that gold mother stars necklace!! I think that was probably the one I bookmarked!) It would have been nice to see you this weekend, who knows, maybe another time!! :)

Christina - It was so nice meeting you, I really appreciate your coming by! I usually have no idea how many people in boston are looking at my site so it was really awesome to meet someone who lives so close :) I hope you are loving your pouch too!!