progress report

from 2008, way back when.

For the first time in three years this is the first time I've ever felt the foreboding that comes with thinking I have to go back to school. Of course, I don't have to go back to school, but this is the first time I've missed it or wished I had something like that coming up. While there were parts of school I over all didn't like, in some ways I miss the dependable structure it offered. Since I've been in this mindset of thinking "I need to got back to school soon", August was a less productive month than it should have been - in short, I was making the best of those last weeks of summer. As a result my fall projects probably won't appear for at least a few more weeks, maybe even a month. But, the good news is I'm pretty excited about some of the things I'm working on - my mind has kind of been in limbo about designing lately - but I think finally I'm getting somewhere and have a fresh palette to work off of. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by fashion, but then when I look back at the things I'm actually interested in as topics - it's a lot more inspiring to work.

I also have a few exciting things coming up - first being I'm going to take a small metals/ jewlery casting class, and it starts next week! I did all kinds of small metal work in school but for some reason they never taught us casting and so I'm glad I'm going to get a chance to do it now. The class is once a week and we will get time on the weekends to use the studio, hurrah! I've already done a few sketches of ideas, I hope to be able to make them!

The second thing that's coming up - and much closer than I realized, is the Jamaica Plain Open studios which I will be doing this year! It's on September 25 & 26th, just a few weekends away. When it gets closer I'll give more information about the location and the things I'll have there. If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by!


stephanie renee said...

i have been feeling the same way! casting is so much fun, you are going to love it!

paper crane said...

your stuff is so beautiful. Simple, classic designs and well crafted. Its good to constantly be looking for new ways to grow.

EvaForeva said...

I would love to take a jewelry workshop! How exciting! I can't wait to see the pictures of everything you'll be making.

kristin renner said...

i know exactly what you mean about feeling overwhelmed by fashion! ive felt the same way a few times when ive gotten into a design rut. but i think it helps and is important to remember what first inspired you & stick to your point of view!

sunshine by sara said...

How fun! I just started taking a jewelry making class and one of our projects is casting. It's the one I'm looking forward to the most!

Eunice said...

Oh man, I recently graduated from college, and I really miss school. I've been seeing so many back to school commercials, and it's really depressing!

BTW, I just moved to your city... you're still in Boston, right? Any tips and suggestions? I'm looking for a room, and I'm visiting one tomorrow in JP and Brookline.