warby parker

A. Miles

B. Webb

C. Huxley

I just got my Warby Parker home try on glasses yesterday, I am so impressed that you can try them on at home for free - what an awesome idea! And free shipping both ways! I had seen Megan's glasses in person over the summer and I loved them. I'm having trouble deciding which ones, I've always wanted clear glasses but I also really like the Miles ones too. They're only $95 so getting two pairs is almost feasible. I look like a major dork face in all these pictures - almost thought of cropping them so they're just the glasses, haha, but wanted some opinions. Which ones do you like the best? Or do you hate them all and think I really do look like a dork face? I'm told the greenish tint in the fake lenses is normal so just ignore that x-files effect. Though maybe that would attract Mulder? Excuse my slanted shoulder in the last one, that's just a genetic slanted shoulder problem, or maybe it's self inflicted from hours at the machines. Probably both.