When I was little my parents weren't worried about me doing drugs, drinking, or any partying. Instead, they concentrated their energy worrying about me getting bit by wild animals that I walked up to and tried to feed or interact with.

So, this morning as Jesse was leaving for work and getting his bike out, we noticed a little baby squirrel hobbling right by our back porch steps! After some reading I think he's about 4-5 weeks old (as he has most of his fur) but his eyes haven't opened yet. After a little research - it seemed the best thing to do was leave him alone and see if his mom came back for him. Sadly ten hours later this is not the case and we have made him a little shoe box bed with some fabric and tried to feed him pedialite for rehydration through a syringe but he's not too keen on that, but we are going to keep trying. Unfortunately we don't live close enough to a rehabilitation center for mammalian wildlife and our non-car situation makes it unlikely for us to be able to bring in this little guy like we should. I'm not sure he'll make it but I'm really hoping he will. We just tried to make him drink a little before bed and he seemed much more lethargic so I'm kind of worried.

I was just about to add a picture we had taken at the beginning of the day, but it somehow got deleted as it was being transferred. Hopefully I'll have a chance to take another.