last call!

Hi there. I'm shooting my winter look book this Thursday, and am very excited about it! Mainly I'm excited because that means I can finally show you guys what I have been working on so hard for the past month. I'll be changing my shop around quite a bit, and by next Monday I'll be taking out all the remaining spring/summer bags. So, if you have been eyeing one of them, here's your last chance! As an extra incentive, I've discounted everything further - gables satchels are $50 each, the remaining market totes are $90. Additionally, there will be free shipping for all sale items shipped in the US. Thanks!

I also want to add that I am extremely behind on all of my emails, and I'm so sorry for this. I'm usually not such a slacker. I tend to be more productive when I stay away from my computer, so that's what I'm doing until all the fall stuff is finished! :)