owls go hoot

I have always admired Natalie's designs and work - everything that is in her etsy shop, Owls Go Hoot, is so perfect and quaint. Over the summer I emailed her asking if she would be interested in designing a logo and stationary for my shop, so we did a trade. Natalie was amazing to work with through the whole process and gave me lots of options to choose from. (If you are looking for a person to make a logo or something along that line, I can't recommend her highly enough!!) I really love love love the little bag she drew for the logo, it's so cute! I also got some stationary with a dala horse on it, and some different stickers too! And, to top it off with the best cherry, she included some of her Inuit Sisters postcards. These two lovely ladies are definitely getting framed and will hang happily in my home. Thank you so much Natalie! (I also discovered via email that both Natalie and I have a deep seated love for all BBC period dramas - yay!).