I finally finished my sweater. (Maybe you might have guessed that from the below post). Actually, this is the second time I finished it, the first time the sleeves were too short so I took them out and redid them again. If I had followed the pattern exactly they would have ended a little below my elbows! Sheesh! If anyone else tries to knit this I'd recommend adding about 2-4 extra rounds between each arm decrease - I was too lazy to go back in a redo all of both arms, so all the decreases end mid arm for me, but the fit was okay so it didn't bother me too much. I also really like the sweater inside out as well as the right side. Now I'll move on to the next few knitting projects lined up...luckily I'm heading home this weekend so a trip to Webs is in order! I always look forward to scoping out their closeout warehouse section in the back.