Hi there. I hope you all had a really nice and relaxing holiday weekend. I was hit with a pretty bad cold so am only starting to catch up with everything. Luckily that meant much needed down time, which led to much needed knitting. Hopefully later I'll be able to share some of the new yarn and fabrics I picked up out west, but for now I'm just saying hi.

Thank you so much for all your kind compliments about the new bag. I'm really excited about it too. Later today I'll be putting the dinosaur taupe one in the shop It's in the shop now, listed here. I'm going to be ordering some horse hide black full grain leather to make some out of, one of my favorite hides I've stumbled across. It will also be available in a dark brown top grain cowhide. And, for the next week there will be free shipping in the US to gear up for the holiday season, woohoo. So you can go check that out if you'd like. (Free shipping only applies from here on in, can't be applied to previous / shipped orders).

When I have my apples and oranges all sorted again, I'll post a little more on my trip out west. Found some new or rather old furniture, got lots of yarn while hanging out with a lovely lady, and drank lots of chai.