duffle bag

I've been making a new bag style. I had the idea for it about a year ago, but until recently haven't found a good zipper place that has the metal toggles I like, and in the right lengths with closed ends. I wanted to find a way to bring back the handle style used for the Gretel and Annie bags, but with a fresh design, plus I've always wanted to make a duffle bag.

As a maker of things I'm never one hundred percent satisfied with what I've made (call me a perfectionist), and I think this is maybe the second or third time I've felt pretty good about how something turned out. You can definitely expect to see some of these in the shop after Thanksgiving, this one might even pop in the shop before then if I have time to list it. In fact I probably should list it before I greedily decide to keep it for myself. More pictures can be seen here, if you're interested. In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating! See you soon!

n.b. yes! the shirt is from here. totally forgot to mention that. the fabric is gorgeous.