I hope you all had a happy halloween and a nice weekend. We did a lot of fun things: eating for the first time at this restaurant (probably the best food I've had since moving to Boston), taking some silly pictures, playing with Cocoa, and wandering around our old neighborhood last night. Like so many I wish the weekend went on and on, it feels like the past two months have just been "go-go-go" with out much room to breathe in between.

Two side notes: I finished the my sweater! More pictures of that coming shortly as soon as I have a chance to re-do the sleeves. They came out way too short, and it seems like almost everyone else who knit this pattern on ravelry had the same problem.

The striped overalls I ordered a few months ago for us when I first saw Elly wearing hers. She looks so darn cute in them that I had to get some too...and a pair for Jesse as well, haha. They came in quite handy as a last minute "costume."