happy holidays...

Hey guys! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah (though that was a while ago), etc., etc., and will have a happy new year this upcoming weekend! We got snowed in over the past few days, along with the rest of the east coast, and I have to say it's a great feeling to have so much snow outside, I guess I'm a true New Englander at heart. Love this kind of weather. Things have been quiet on here for the past week or so, I know, but I hope to have some more posts up here shortly. Between family visiting, various illnesses (I seem to be a never ending walking medical problem, it's like I'm a hypochondriac but I'm not), lots of knitting, and ornament making, I've just been enjoying taking a little break from the computer.

I also want to say thanks so much for all your comments, emails, notes, orders, and such over the past month, I really appreciate your support, kindness, and generosity. And I'm sorry if it's taking me forever to get back to you, I will soon! Wow, I'm really over-doing my comma usage here.

It's been a while since the last giveaway, no? So, two lucky folks will get a small pochette in the color of their choosing! Just leave a comment here with your email address & a wish you have for yourself or your family/friends in the new year and I will pick someone on January 2nd. Good luck and happy days!


Laura. said...

The snow must be amazing! Plenty of rain for my Christmas, but no snow!

A wish I have for the new year is that all my loved ones (and the loved ones of everyone else in the world) have the best year yet, and that they just keep getting better and better.


3palacsinta { at } gmail { dot } com

Jennifer said...

My wish for the New Year is for health and happiness, both for myself and my loved ones!

Happy New Year to you and those you love, Julia :)
xoxo Jennifer


bee said...

thedootdootstore at! gmail

Happy holidays to you too! There certainly is something peaceful and calming about being blanketed in snow; everything seems to slow to a crawl and there are zero expectations to do anything (except sit indoors, eat lots of cheese and olives and read blogs, at least on this end).

My wish (resolution) for the New Year: Search and FIND the particular area in my chosen profession that I would like to focus on for the next few years. I'll be finishing grad school this year; time to starting putting all my book learning into practice. Also, keep trying to expand my knowledge of and use of social media/the internet. I've heard it is the wave of the future. And I'd really like to travel a lot next year. Many wishes, I suppose.

kati k. said...

you are too cute! i hope you had a nice christmas. : )

bee said...

oh I feel like quite the doofus as all my wishes posted above were so selfish! My main wish (and it is always my birthday candle wish as well), is that my loved ones are happy and healthy. So far, so good, I think! Keep it up, 2011!

Kate said...

ooo Pick me ;)

I wish for more wishes this coming year..2010 was a big year of growth for me and I'm looking forward to more

Anonymous said...

i hope your holidays were (and continue to be) lovely.

this new year, i'm hoping/wishing/resolving to beat my depression once and for all so i can finally get on with my life.

Arlie said...

Glad you are enjoying the snow! I was happy to avoid it while visiting my mom ;)
Stay warm - I am sending healthy thoughts your way! xo

Arlie said...

oh and PS! My wish for the New Year is a happy and easy transition to the other side of the country (moving soon!) and of course, happy and healthy days for everyone :)

jennifer said...

i hope you're feeling better and had a good time visiting family, julia!

my wish/goal for the new year is to be more focused and put more effort in everything i do.

Chelsea said...

how lovely. my new year's wish is for a safe and fun transition upon my move to philadelphia for graduate school. thank you for your creativity :)


Crystal said...

My new year wish is that everyone find their creativity and what makes them happy!

Ella said...

Oh, I love your pochettes! You're so lucky to have all that lovely snow, we don't get any in our new place and I miss it very much.

My wish is to have enough time this year to finally draft out the pattern ideas I've had swirling about in my head for so long!

Looking forward to another year of your blog :)

shams said...

i really want to experience a new england winter!

my wish for 2011 is to actually accomplish my new years resolutions which include: saving money, waking up early everyday and truly exercising the golden rule.

Shirley said...

What a generous offer! I hope you are doing well and enjoying your much needed break. Have fun in the snow from me (since I'm all the way in California!)

Rūta said...

It's not "difficult" to give you support, as you make and show here, or find and share, so many and so nice things!
Best wishes for New Year!

The Woolly Mammoth said...

Happy holidays, and yay for snow! I was hoping for a white Christmas over here but it didn't happen. And, I hope you enjoy great health in 2011!
My main wish is just for the people I care about to be healthy, and happy.

Lakshmi said...

I can't resist jumping this generous offer. I've been eying the fuchsia pochette forever.
Happy New Year Julia!

My wish is that my family all have great (if separate) vacations that are both restful and exciting. And to keep on this wonderful if difficult work groove I've somehow found for myself.


jammy said...

my wish is to have a happy and healthy year...and to hopefully pursue some entrepreneurial endeavors with my hubby!

jana said...

for the new year i wish to see new places and people i love. and to be calm and happy with what i do.
your blog is very sweet and i love the things you create.
happy new year!

elena gold said...

Hi Julia!
Just wanted to say I adore the pouchette I won before- I still use it as my wallet, and it makes me smile everyday and its wearing beautifully. Thank you!!! (I'm not entering this one-let someone else enjoy it,- but wanted to say hi and let you know how much I love mine.) :)

Hazmat said...

Taking a break from the computer sounds heavenly! I hope it's been great and have a great new year!


saccharified AT gmail dot com

angela said...

Sounds like the perfect holiday season for you, Julia.

Got one of your totes for Christmas and it was the most fantastic thing! Can't stop using it!

Thanks for the wonderful giveaway :)

Theresa said...

I live in MA as well, but I was not ready for all that snow. I wish for peace in my heart.

stefanie said...


my wish for this year would be to travel the world! or at least a few good places. and in good health!

happy holidays julia! keep up the amazing work that you do.


Anonymous said...

happy holidays Julia. I hope you're feeling well. I think I am true new englander at heart too, even if I haven't lived there for many many years. I really miss deep snow!

This year I will be working on bringing a fuller sense of freedom and agility into my work (and all the things I do), so as not to get overly fixated at the expense of other important aspects of living and being the luminous creature that I am. I wish we could all allow for the space in our lives to be more luminous, more free, more fluid.


Hiyo! I've been thinking about buying a pouchette for a while so maybe now is my lucky time :)

Best wishes for a happy new year!

Sam said...

"My wish is for my loved ones is that they enjoy many happy times doing the things they love." Simple.

I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog this year, and my wish for you is to continue the success you have enjoyed this year into the next. Oh, and happiness and good health too ;-)


Sam xox

Anonymous said...

hi julia!
happy new year! (almost)
yay! a giveaway! i can never pass up a good giveaway!
my wish for this coming year is to stay healthy! no more nasty colds that last for weeks. no more crazy trips to the doctor's office. none of that!
here's hoping for a healthy 2011 for everyone!
take care lovely lady!

abby neal said...

happy new year! I think my wish would be for change in this new year. be it a big change like a move to a new place or just getting an etsy shop going for my ceramics. a breath of fresh air would be just lovely. i feel like change is the best way to slow life down a little, it cures routine. a happy, healthy 2011 to everyone! -ab (

Paula said...

I wish to reconnect with old friends and work on finding out who I want to be.

Love the blog and all of your wonderful work! Best wishes for the new year.

Anonymous said...

happy holidays (and can i say that i'm envious of that snow..?!)

my wish is also a selfish one: i wish the best for my loved ones - and everyone's loved ones! - every single day of the year, so this special wish is for me.

my wish is to have more time and focus; to recognise and concentrate on the things that really matter and the things that make me happy.

here's to the new year, and to everyone's wishes coming true :)

unfaithfullanne at hotmail dot com

English with Jane said...


My wish for the new year is to learn to become more like my mother - she's been described as living sunshine, a genuinely happy, positive person who has always followed her heart and sees challenges where others see obstacles, and in this world of doom and gloom, I think there's a lesson to be learned in knowing how to make your own happiness instead of relying on others to make you happy! :)

mr said...

my wish: that my brother, sister in law, and my niece are doing ok come next year. on december 23 they moved 3,000 miles away from a very comfortable situation where grandparents (my parents) did a lot of babysitting and were very involved in their lives every day.
without going in to too much detail, i really hope that they can make ends meet and that my parents will cope with their only grandaughter living so far away after seeing her every day for the first 3 years of her life.

thanks, and happy new year to you!
maya rose

angelica said...

My wish for the new year is to not rush love and write even more letters than last!

love and light in the new year,

Neza said...

My wish is also selfish - for me to be more independent - and I know that will make everybody around me happy too!

Happy 2011 to you and thank you for the inspiration you share on this blog!

Anonymous said...

oooh, how lovely!

my wish for 2011 (also the year i turn 30), is for it to be a year of getting out and getting stuff done. as grand as contemplation can be, i am ready to do the damn thing(s)!

annarosewilson at gmail dot com

Ama said...

Happy New Year! I hope it brings less anxiety and more happiness to my loved ones, specifically my sister and baby niece.

Thank you so much for the giveaway! I hope your year is more successful with each passing day!


Jessica said...

I also live in Boston and love the snow we had! It made the holidays and new year all the more special :) For the new year, I wish that everybody will be healthy and happy.

elveebee said...

in 2011, i hope that i continue to trust my gut - i made a lot of big changes in 2010 that ended up paying off because i trusted myself.

your work is beautiful - thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

lvonbergen (at) gmail (dot) com

janet said...

thanks so much for your giveaway! A lot of my friends and families are in school and have major exams going on this time of year. I'm hoping they all stay healthy in the cramming season and pass their tests with gold stars. at gmail

hanna said...

my primary wish for the year is really to maintain my focus on slowing down and letting go. hoping for a year of mellow magic!

cheers to you!

katie f said...

happy new year! almost time for me to pack up in canada again and head back to hungary. a pochette for keeping special things during the move would be most lovely!

lemonade said...

first time commenting, so here i go:

wish for this year is to get into art school!

itwaslemonade [at]

Jess said...

Wow what a great giveaway!

My wish for this year is that I get to see my sisters more!

emily barletta said...

Happy New Year! My resolution is to try out my pancake diet.
emilybarletta (at)

Hanna said...

I hope that I get good grades!

spoon said...

thanks for extending the giveaway!

My wish for 2011 is to spend more time making things!

Jackie said...

Thanks for extending the giveaway deadline! Haven't noticed this until now.

I wish for a less stressful new year for my friends (and myself), with more opportunities to stop and enjoy life's little moments.

writejackie at gmail dot com

peachpatrol said...

Happy new year! My wish for 2011 for my family and friends is good health and good luck in making our dreams come true.

My own personal good luck wish is for my solo show coming up in february, and I wish myself good luck and good sales!

much love and happy new year


Jess said...

Happy New Year! My wish is to be more productive and more creative this year and to think less about work when I'm not there.

Elise / broom people said...

My wish is to find a home in a new city.. I don't mean a structure but somewhere I really love and in which I feel comfortable and creative. Fingers crossed!

And a happy new year to you!

elisebradshaw at gmail dot com

Elise / broom people said...

My wish is to find a home in a new city.. I don't mean a structure but somewhere I really love and in which I feel comfortable and creative. Fingers crossed!

And a happy new year to you!

elisebradshaw at gmail dot com

anneemall said...

Happy new yeat too!
My wish is for my boyfriend and I is to extend the family in 2011 ;)

Anonymous said...

Firstly, happy new year! Secondly, I love your style and blog and bags and pouches :D. Thirdly, I wish that this year everyone will succeed in accomplishing their dreams/ goals because I will be fulfilling my dream of teaching abroad this year!

Catherine said...

i wish to be healthier!

cathyodel @ yahoo .com

Wishcandy said...

I wish to become completely self-sustained on doing artwork. On my way there! A ways to go!

sincerelyautumn [at]

Sofia said...

What a lovely giveaway! :]

This year I'd like to read a book a month, at least.

kikefiiu [at] gmail [dot] com

C SATHAL said...

Happy new year !!
In 2011, I wish a lot of snow in Marseille ;)

BoomBoxBettie said...

I wish to maintain balance between my creative self and my professional self this year.

The Sister Of... said...

I hope you have a great 2011 & my goal for the new year is to make more and better bags (maybe even sell a few)! Thanks for the inspiration!

Artisticpixie said...

Some of my 2011 resolution would be to work on more advance knitting projects and stay focus on my creative and professional goals. Also take chances and worry less. =)

I hope you have a wonderful New Year and you feel better!

Katie said...

My wish is peace and contentment for those I love and the ones they love.

Happy New Year to you!

Megan said...

Happy Holidays and New Year to you as well.
This year, I'm hoping to find some direction in life and start making my dreams come true. :)

jen said...

happy new year! my wish for this year is for my sister to finally get what she wants in 2011. hope your 2011 is starting out right.

natalie said...

Count me in if its not too late. Love the blog and look forward to more reading in the new year.