hello, miles

So after lots of going back and forth about which ones to get, I finally settled on the Webb frames in crystal matte. I think I just really wanted clear glasses. Second up was the Miles, which I actually liked the shape of better, but it didn't come in the clear color. (I liked the Huxleys too but I really wanted something a bit lighter than them.) Then, low and behold when I finally go to order the Webbs, the front page of their website informs me that there is some collaboration between Steven Alan and Warby Parker, and yes indeed, now the Miles is available in crystal. I'm kind of wondering what makes these "Steven Alan" other than that this color was not previously available in this style - it seems more like WP's work than SA's, but hey I can't complain because I love them and they're just what I wanted. I got the frames adjusted at See in Harvard Square - they are so incredibly friendly there, I would go there just to talk to the nice folks that work there.