a silly post on clogs

Some how up until a week ago I had successfully managed to avoid being swept up in the clog madness. I need to wear flat shoes and am just not a heels kind of person. I will fall over wearing heels. I do own one pair of clogs that was given to me as a Christmas gift while I was in high school (fell in love with them at a local teeny tiny shop where I grew up - I wanted the bright red ones but my Dad decided that the more subtle blue ones were more appropriate for me who at the time liked to wear lots of clashing clothing.) So actually I have really always liked clogs, though I don't wear the ones I have that often. Maybe that is because I'm worried I will break my ankle like my Mom did with them years and years ago. But, that's crazy, aren't us Scandinavian supposed to have great agility when walking in clog-ed shoes?

At first I wasn't sure how I felt about the whole clog-boot thing. It seemed to be a big jump from the open back (or closed back) clogs I was used to to boot clogs - and at first I wasn't too keen on the idea. Then all the sudden last week the idea began to appeal to me. Maybe it's because I have awful circulation and my extremities immediately begin to freeze up and hurt when I step outside now, and the idea of shearling lined clogs sounds pretty comfy and warm. (And most of any shearling lined anything else - i.e. : uggs - are absolutely awful, edit: oops in re-reading this i didn't mean for that to be so harsh, please no offense to ugg wearers, i understand they are quite warm and comfy.). I have two pairs of winter boots - one pair of orla kiely cup wellies (6 years old and still love them, the lining is beyond extinct though and the heel is little worse for wear) and one pair of cydwoq ride boots (bought 3 years ago, and re: growing in my twenties - my feet are now 1/2 size bigger and now can only wear really thin socks with them which defeats the point of wintery boots) which somehow leaves me with justification that yes, I can buy a new pair of winter boots. But are they practical? For Boston? Will I learn to walk in them, will I not fall over and break my ankles? Fellow New Englanders seem to give them the thumbs up, and gosh darn it I do believe them. So, I'm selling my space dress and some other things to compensate for the cost. Haha, so much for the duffle coat being the end of it all...


jennifer said...

i just got a pair and think that they are a great investment for warm winter shoes. they're not very difficult to walk in, and the leather really will handle well on rainy/snowy days.

however, i got the black aviator boots and the white shearling is already starting to turn blue from my jeans! just something to be aware of, i guess.

julia said...

Thanks for the tip! I was leaning towards the ones with the darker color shearling anyways, but good to know about the coloring rubbing off on the lighter, now I definitely think I will go with the darker.

joyce said...

julia, you already know how i feel about these!

it's funny to think so, but i guess i'm a new englander now! the californian in me still refuses to die, though.

pearl said...

Hi Julia,

I live in New Haven, and I saved all of my pennies for a non-shearling-lined pair in black (I debated -- the shearling looks so cozy! But I wanted to be able wear them in warmer weather, too). I think it may be the best purchase I've ever made. (It is certainly the biggest purchase I've ever made. I'm a grad student -- I really did have to save my pennies!)

Anyway, I wear them ALL THE TIME! They are incredibly comfortable, and very easy to walk in. And I walk a lot -- it's probably a 20-25 minute walk from my apartment to campus. I can even run in them (although not very gracefully!). And this, by the way, is coming from a girl who wears heels maybe one day out of 365, and hates every minute of that one day.

One warning: they *are* slightly awkward/funny looking. I find them adorable (I've noticed that I am attracted to things that others find odd!) -- I think that they look super-cute with tights, with pants, with leggings -- but they definitely have a slightly duck-y appearance. Good luck making your choice! I've been so happy with my pair.

erica said...

i can't wear heels, and i love my regular no. 6 boots. granted, i wobble in them once in awhile, but i've also been able to run to the bus stop in them. i find it helps to wear thick socks or legwarmers, but i have skinny ankles.

i'm saving up for the shearling lined pair. i think they look great with skirts, dresses, tights and skinny jeans.

i also have a pair of 10 year old uggs (i'm from a beach town in socal), which i wear on the days when i don't care that i'm wearing sweats and a parka, but the no. 6s would probably make me a lot happier!

Kristien said...

I love clogs and have a couple of pairs of ten + year old Danskos that I have worn into the ground. When the bottom cracked on one of my clogs about a month ago, I sprang for Madewell's version of the clog boots. I really love them! I had been coveting the Sven clog boots for a couple of years, and then the No. 6s and Swedish Hasbeens, but I couldn't justify the price even for how much I loved them. The Madewell's are super comfortable and I have been walking all over NYC in them with no turned ankles or blisters yet. I am not sure what shoe size you are, but there's a pair on eBay right now:

Oh, and I also own Uggs! They really do nothing for me aesthetically, but they are so warm and comfortable.

alyson said...

Just like Kristien, I own the Madewell clog boots (mine are brown). I settled for them, instead of the No.6, since they are less expensive. I love them and wear them nearly every day, although they did take some getting used to. Unlike Kristien, I seem to have a problem with them rubbing around my ankles and creating a bit of a rash of sorts (red, burn-y ring around them). I started to leave them a little unzipped, and that solved the problem. Nevertheless, I still adore them. I've actually thought about getting a second pair in black!