A little bit ago Jennifer tagged me for a 'five daily essentials' post. What I use changes a lot depending on whether it's a work day (stay inside all day) or a weekend (be outside as much as possible). This is a combination of the two.

Almost Done Mitten - I don't think a days goes by with out doing at least 5 rows in some knitting project. This one was an experiment I started a few weeks ago but haven't done the thumb yet.

Scissors - Probably the item I use the most frequently in any given day. I have many different pairs, each with a separate thing they cut.

Tidal (Fiona Apple) - I remember when this album came out and instantly fell in love with it. I play it most days when I'm at home.

Rosebud Salve - This is the only thing I ever use for chapped lips/skin. I hate make up and have never worn it. My friend introduced me to this in 8th grade and it makes me think of her when I use it.

Magenta Motorola Razor Phone - It seems kind of 'post-ironic' that I'm picking this. My phone is going on 7 years right now. This is my equivalent of driving my car past 300,000 miles (Which my Dad just did, he's quite proud!) Sadly it is dying - so in the next month I will have to get a new one. I tried pushing it's life even longer by ordering a new battery on ebay for ninety-nine cents, but it didn't help much. I really really dread getting a new phone because they are all so fancy now, I'm a no-frills phone person who wants a phone that's just a phone. (A conversation with T-Mobile : Me: Hi I want to disable text messaging on my phone. T.M: What? Me: I want to disable text messaging on my phone. T.M.: What? Why? Are you sure?! Me: YES! T.M: Oh-kaay. The Oh-kaay implied I was making a bad decision.) I can't tell you how many time I get on the train now - people who used to read books now only play with their phones. I'm going to stop here and just say my phone is important to me because it is only a phone.

Thanks for reading! I'd like to tag the next four people who would like to continue this fun little 5 daily essentials tour.