more mittens, more knitting

I just finished knitting this pair of mittens for my Mom. I used two skeins of noro silk garden (a really nice yarn to knit with). Every time I knit something with noro I always get really excited when the color of the yarn changes , it's like a surprise and you never know what's going to happen! Speaking of knitting (again) I got this awesome book for Christmas...after dropping a hint or two...

There are so many amazing patterns in it, and I've been wanting a way to start practicing my double stranded knitting/fair isle so this seems like a great way to start, though I have to say I'm a bit intimidated...

These are my favorite - just look at that heel! Uh-Amazing-ness!!

These are pretty sweet too. If I was going to just do one thing for the rest of my life I would just knit socks like these, that and drink Burdicks hot chocolate....will someone start a sock/mitten business with me???