what's wrong with me?

That's what Jesse has been saying to me over the past few weeks - what is wrong with me? Why all the sudden am I succumbing to this skinny sweat pants thing? And why must they only be heathered grey? The above Isabel Marant ones are my favorite (saved on the desktop in the "I like" folder from the summer via Maryam Nassir Zadeh). I had pretty much forgotten them entirely until three weeks ago when I wandered into J Crew and saw these:

Alas they only had some L & XL sizes in the store, plus one pair of XS & S on the mannequins (which they at the time offered to take down for me, but I would need to come back the next day to get them) and I decided no, I will not pay $60 for a pair of stupid sweatpants. But, as we all do in such situations, I kept thinking about them and went back a week later and low and behold the ones on the mannequins are now reserved for some other ladies, and they are totally sold out online, etc, etc, so the story goes. (And, I was informed by the sales clerk, they were their most popular item this season. Sweat pants? For reals?). Now I'm searching for a cheaper remedy...none quite like either of these though. Some similar ones on the Forever 21 website, and I know it doesn't hurt to swing for the cheaper option - they're just sweat pants after all. Any suggestions? Could possibly be into these but they are way out of my price range.

And on a similar shallow shopping note, I love love love my no. 6 boots, I've barely taken them off. Thanks for all your advice way back when. So far I have only fallen once, and that was when I first got them and slipped on a rug in my house, so that was kind of my own fault. The traction is surprisingly good in them, the rubber on the bottom is much different than other clogs I have owned, maybe that's what makes them so comfy. The rubber is a bit odd though - I think due to it's squishy nature dirt easily gets in forms a webbed pattern in the "cracks" which I can't seem to get out. (Not sure how to describe this other wise). Also, on the sizing. I'm a 7.5 in closed shoes/boots, a 7 in flats and sandals. I ordered the 39's and they were so tight I had to exchange them for the 40's. Of course the shearling has padded down a bit now and they are a wee bit looser, but I'm not sure the 39's would have stretched enough to ever be comfy with thick socks. Too bad they don't make half sizes, I'd probably be a 39.5.