a cardigan : in which i promise there won't be anymore sweater posts for a while after this

I promise this is the last you'll hear about knitting sweaters for a while! I just finished the above cardigan a few days ago. I used more of the berocco pure merino heather in a beige color (forget the name of the exact colorway - I love this yarn so much, after blocking it drapes really nicely). I had first run into this sweater on impluse/totokaelo about a year ago and wanted to make one like it, and then later ran into this one by garmenthouse which reminded me of the first one, so it was a very good source for a pattern base. I had originally intended to add a similar hook and eye grosgrain ribbon closure like the humanoid, but in the end I decided against it as I wanted something a bit more simple. Or maybe I'll make another one and try it on that one. I had to tinker a bit with the sleeve decreases because I made the raglan seam too long and didn't want to sweater to have "lunch lady arms" as Jesse called it. The one thing I do feel pretty good about is how the collar turned out - I like it being twice as thick so it's a bit sturdier. The custom raglan pattern was great and really easy to use, I can imagine using it again and again.

Something also just occurred to me as I was typing this up - can non-ravelry users visit these links? (If not I'll try to find some other links to use - I don't like that I wouldn't be able to properly credit sources!) I tried signing out once to see if it was the case - and it didn't work - but then another time I tried the same thing and it did - so I don't really know. I think ravelry isn't in beta anymore so you don't have to wait for an invitation - so it's easy to join, for those that are interested.

Side note - one of my favorite things I've bought this winter is the Bodkin Einstein dress. I love the cupro fabric (similar to washed silk) and it's such a fun shape - and so easy to layer with different pieces. I think Bodkin is quickly becoming my favorite line - my friend has one of their shirts and I want one so bad! And their spring stuff looks so awesome too! Plus, I think the name "Bodkin" is about the best name ever.